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Google map and Thugs of Hindustan agreement: Amir's donkey will leave till Your address.

On Diwali, Aamir Khan is coming with his film, Thugs of Hindustan. Along with this, Amir alias Firangi is ready to tell you the path by becoming your partner in your drive. This will be the first time in India when a character from the movie will be seen on Google Map.

According to the information, the Fergie Maillah of "Thugs of Hindustan" will help Google Map users navigate on Indian roads. A team of Thugs of Hindustan has joined hands with Google Map for a unique plan, which will set up a benchmark for the film's marketing! Under this scheme starting today, travelers will be able to choose to drive with the firangi on their Android or IOS smartphone.

Interestingly, in this entire journey, the user will be seen riding a rider with his pet ass from Aamir. Google and YRF have also introduced the fascinating and famous dialog such as "1-2-3 quick march" inside from the movie to give the user a unique experience on the app.

"We are eager to have a special experience on all of us smartphones for the first time in India. The countrymen are only a few days away to watch Diwali and Thugs of Hindustan so we can get them driving," said Neha Wicker, Product Manager, Google Maps. We wanted to make the journey more fun, we wish the film's success, the Thugs of Hindustan is being released on November 8.

The film begins in 1795 after the arrival of East India Company in India. The company has come to do business in India but it is making people slaves and it is their agenda to rule in India. Many people lean in front of the company's soldiers. But Azad (Amitabh Bachchan) does not accept slavery Free struggle against the British Azad's guerrilla attacks cause much damage to the company.

The British officer plans to capture Clive Azad. However, for this, he needs clever tricks like Azad. For Clive, Kanpur Awadh's Firangi Mallah (Aamir Khan) is ready to do the work. Firangi Sailor himself tells us how much he is scolding. After this, there is an entry with the independence of Firangi. Conflicts, bets are seen in the pitch trailer. Later, Aamir is different from the British. How Aamir differs from the British, what is the role of Katrina's film will be revealed after the film release.

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